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KAST consists of three centers.

KAST is a public interest incorporated foundation established by Kanagawa Prefecture. It plays a role in developing policies for science, technology and industry in Kanagawa Prefecture, promotes science and technology, and offers support for regional small and medium-sized enterprises.

By performing various functions, KAST advances research, offers manufacturing support and professional development, and aims to activate the regional economy and improve the quality of life of prefectural residents.

KAST is in KSP. Innovation Center MCC Education and Information Center
Projects & Labs
“Next-generation High-efficiency Fuel Cells” Project
We can build a society that uses energy resources more carefully and does not depend on large power generation plants.
Research Term 2013-2017 (4-year Project)
Next-generation High-efficiency Fuel Cells
Project Leader:Dr. Takeo Yamaguchi
“Influenza Virus Drug Design”project
This project aims to develop new drugs effective against all forms of influenza, including swine flu, by targeting the viral RNA polymerase.
Research Term 2013-2017 (4-year Project)
Influenza Virus Drug Design
Project Leader:Dr. Sam-Yong Park
Photocatalyst Group
The basic mechanism of TiO2 photocatalysis is well known. UV irradiation induces the formation of electron–hole pairs...
Research Term 2005-
Solid Acid Ecocatalyst
Groop Leader:Dr. Akira Fujishima
Artificial Cell Membrane Systems Group
Our project team has therefore been studying methods for reconstituting membrane proteins in artificial lipid bilayer membrane systems.
Research Term 2013-
Bio Micro Systems
Project Leader:Dr. Shoji Takeuchi
Project for development of food functionality assesment methods
KAST and Kanagawa Prefectural Government are working together to meet regional challenges by providing financial assistance...
Research Term 2015-2016 (2-year-project)
Food Safety and Reliability Project
Project Leader:Dr. Keiko Abe
Transparent Functional Materials Group
The transparent functional materials group is investigating new functional transparent materials based on the results of a previous project.
Research Term 2008-
Solid Acid Ecocatalyst
Project Leader:Dr. Tetsuya Hasegawa
Project for the establishment of innovative platelet manufacturing technology and its clinical application
We seek to establish a technology for the manufacture of novel, safe and stable platelets and to develop an assessment system for the function of produced platelets.
Research Term 2014-2018
Solid Acid Ecocatalyst
Project Leader:Ms.Yumiko Matsubara
Haptic Robots for Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Welfare Project
Haptic sensation (touching sensation) is essential to perform “safe” and “gentle” human support. The project aims to implement haptic technology to practical robots for improvement of Quality of Life.
Research Term 2016-2020
On-chip Molecular Cell Phenomics
Project Leader:Dr.Tomoyuki Shimono
Global Health Research Coordinating Center (GHRCC)
By combining Patient, Family and Community with knowledge obtained by conducting clinical researches,we contribute to the development of health care and healthy life of people around the world.
Research Term 2015-
On-chip Molecular Cell Phenomics
Organic Solar Cell Assessment Project
KAST participated in the FIRST program, entitled “Future Low Carbon Lifestyle with Organic Solar Cells” by evaluating their performance.
Research Term 2011-
Solid Acid Ecocatalyst
Project Leader:Dr. Katsuhiko Takagi