Kanagawa Accademy of Science and Technology
Education and Information Center

“We support the professional development of industry workers who have scientific and technological roles, ranging from young people to career workers."

The Education and Information Center conducts various events and education seminars for science and technology that aim to promote professional development of workers who have scientific and technological roles. A wide range of positions and age groups is covered: elementary students, junior high students, high-school students, university students, people engaged in research, and the general public who are unfamiliar with science.
The Educational Training Operation offers educational seminars with specialized content for researchers and engineers.
The Science and Technology Comprehension Advancement Operation holds various events that present the latest scientific and technological advances in an easily accessible manner to the public.

[Educational Training Group]

Applications and inquiries for educational seminars:
E-mail ed@newkast.or.jp

[Group of Public Understanding of Science and Technology]

Applications and inquiries for Science and Technology lecture-meeting , Experiment Events:
E-mail se@newkast.or.jp