Kanagawa Accademy of Science and Technology

Message from KAST's Chairman

As an allied industry–academia–public organization with a mandate to specify science and technology policy and industrial development policy, Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) seeks to fulfill its goals by promoting research and technology transfer in leading-edge, advanced science and technology fields, providing creative professional development training, holding academic cultural activities, and supporting research and development in regional small and medium-sized enterprises.

There are three main operations that drive activities as an allied industry–academia–public organization that contributes to the region: the Scientific–Technology Creativity Development Operation to promote allied industry–academia–public activities dealing with research ranging from goal-oriented fundamental research to application-based research and with regional society and industry segment issues; the Test Measurement Operation to support regional manufacturing; and the Education Information Operation to develop professional educational seminars for working people and to promote public awareness of science and technology.

Starting with the residents of Kanagawa, we ask for your continuing support as we strive to have as many people in the world as possible know the name “KAST,” and to generate as many research results and industrial support activities as possible.
Chairman, Kanagawa Academy of Science & Technology
Yoshihiro Maki