Kanagawa Accademy of Science and Technology
Innovation Center

“We will promote industry by tapping into regional potential and creating new industry through industry–academia–public research and development.”

The activities of the Innovation Center mainly focus on promoting research, returning results to society, and strengthening ties between industry, academia, and the public.
With respect to the promotion of research and return of results to society, we have designed many projects, and implementation and validation operations as a consistent flow, which drives efficient development.

In addition, we widely extend intellectual property based on the results of research projects to industry within the prefecture and promote technology transfer. We also study the possibility of extending intellectual property belonging to universities and organizations in the region by executing our regional TLO function.

[Our research Scheme]

The Innovation Center contributes to industry revitalization and the export of new industries by drawing out the region’s potential through research and development of the industrial, academic, and public (government) sectors. The “Hopeful Seeds” of Development Model (the 2nd step on 3-Phase-Gate), had been picked from “Strategic research Seeds”(the 1st step) in order to hope their further activities, was implemented in FY2011. The research theme, discovered and developed according to goal-oriented basic research, is to integrate research stages from application to development to trials, and to use new techniques to create new industries.

With the“Prefecture-area-needs” correspondingModel, in order to adapt to needs of the community in the prefecture area, we have been aiming since the start of the project to assemble universities and corporations in the name of problem-solving and product-making, with the help of joint efforts from KAST and prefectural public experimental research and industrial support institutions.

The ”Project of Intensive development in Short Period for Practical use”,that carries out to expand their research results (technology transfer, etc.) and to connect the results to practical products with remarkable effectiveness to the lifestyle and the industry in Kanagawa, has been intensively pouring funds for such technologies in a few years.

Further, the intellectual property resulting from said research projects serves as seeds of new technologies to strengthen coordinating functions in the industrial sector, aiming to increase interactions among patent-related local technology, such as collaborative research with corporations, patent and other licensing, and support for venture business establishment.

[Research Promotion Group]

Research project proposals to KAST, applications for joint research, photocatalyst consultation:
E-mail res@newkast.or.jp

[Intellectual Property Group]

Consultation of patents owned by KAST and technology transfer:
E-mail str@newkast.or.jp
Consultation of patent, technological information, intellectual property activation:
Kanagawa Prefecture Intellectual Property Center Branch
E-mail ipc@newkast.or.jp

[Promotion Group for Regional Innovation]

Participating in integrated special district and de facto standard-related operation:
E-mail sks@newkast.or.jp