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Privacy Policy, Security and Copyright on this Site

About privacy policy

At KAST, the collection, the offer, management, and the abandonment of individual information are appropriately taken care of as follows based on the law concerning the protection of individual information.

What is individual information?

"Individual information" are information on the individual like the address, the name, the telephone number, the E-mail address, and so on, that can be identified for a specific individual by these information only or collating other information.

Limitation of collecting individual information

When individual information are collected through our business and/or our site, it aims at smooth execution of businesses for the achievement of these businesses, such as the participant of events and educational courses, the questionnaire, exchanging the business card, and so on.

Limitation for using and/or prevailing about individual information

Individual information offered from everybody is used and/or prevailed only within the purpose above-mentioned, such as sending the e-mail magazine and the direct mail, giving information concerning our businesses, and so on.
Individual information is neither used nor prevailed to the third party for other purposes, except when it corresponds a constant exception, such as based on regulations of the law, or agreement of the own person offering the individual information.

Prevailing individual information on this site

On the condition of prevailing individual information on this site, it does under strict rule as obtain agreement of the own person.

Management and deletion of individual information

Collected individual information is managed strictly and measured appropriately, to avoid the leakage and the falsification.
Individual information without necessity shall be deleted surely and promptly.

About the review of the privacy policy

This privacy policy properly reviews and improves the content.


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About this site

The copyright on this site is all reserved by KAST.

About contents

KAST reserves the copyright on this site or has the right of publishing. Please don’t modify nor distribute the contents, except when it is permitted by the Law.
The accuracy of the contents are not any guarantee by KAST. Even if you are damaged by this site, KAST can not assume the responsibility at all of the result.
The contents on this site may be changed without preannouncement.

About security

On this site, the safety of the communication between the web server and the customer is secured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communication, in order to protect customer's individual information. So, you can use at ease forms on this site.
The SSL server authentication by the Secom trust net company is as follows.

About the link

Please inform when you want to set the link to this site.
On the condition that it might damage the KAST image or that it might be misunderstood outline of the contents, KAST may refuse the link.


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