Support for sharing of research facilities

Sharing of the 4 University Nano/micro Fabrication Consortium instruments
  Nano/micro fabrication technologies play extremely important roles as basic technologies to support the development of life-innovation related revolutionary measurement technologies and evaluation technologies. But, clean rooms and other of these types of equipment are very expensive, so it is difficult for a single company to provide them all at its own expense. So this project will permit the unrestricted use of equipment and instruments installed by the 4university Nano/Micro Fabrication Consortium consisting of Keio University, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and University of Tokyo, within NANOBIC, a joint industry, academic, and government nano/micro research facility set up by Kawasaki City.

Sharing of research equipment and instruments owned by the Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology
  Vigorous efforts have been made in the past to allow unrestricted regional use of research equipment and instruments owned by universities and public testing and research institutions, but there appear to be many cases where the use of the most advanced research equipment and instruments is limited to university researchers and researchers in large companies taking part in joint research projects. So the acceptance of contract testing and free use of KAST owned equipment and instruments which are considered to be of use in product development by private companies will be promoted along with R&D by private companies of life-innovation related innovative measurement and evaluation technologies.
Anti-viral performance testing and evaluation of photocatalyst materials
  Based on past R&D of photo-catalyst technologies , and anti-bacteria and anti-virus performance evaluation test methods based on photo-catalytic reactions, this project will conduct evaluation testing of anti-bacteria and anti-virus properties of various materials including photo-catalysts developed by private companies.
Unrestricted use of instruments related to nutrigenomic analysis
  Nutrigenomics methods that comprehensively analyze the expression of genes caused by food ingestion and evaluate its effects are attracting interest as a new evaluation method for use in the development of functional foods. This project will share instruments etc. and provide technological guidance needed for nutrigenomics to support the development of functional food products by private companies.

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