Acculation of intelligence
We gather researchers to promote the three categories indicated to the right to produce innovative systems of evaluation and measurement and new industries in the medical and healthcare field. We aim for the international standardization of established evaluation and measurement systems. We use and expand them as an innovative function of evaluation and measurement.

● Concentration of Researchers
Piller Theme
I. Measurement and evaluation systems that contribute to diagnosis, drug discovery, and treatment of cancer and life-style related diseases Application of a fully automated circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis systems for cancer treatment and drug discovery
Development of high speed screening equipment for drug discovery using membrane proteins
Ⅱ.Functionality and safety evaluation systems for foods etc. towards the Unification of Health, Diet, and Agriculture. Development of advanced evaluation method for selection and development of foods based on scientific grounds
Establishment of an intestinal immunity evaluation method to improve the outcome of life-style related diseases
Bacteria and virus assessment, prevention and treatment methods for infectious disease measures Development of methods to diagnose, prevent, and treat prostate cancer caused by viral or bacterial infections
Advancement of prevention, diagnostic, and treatment technologies for bacterial, viral, and other infectious disease to realize a safe and secure society

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