Measurement and evalution systems

ThemeI Application of a fully automated circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis systems for cancer treatment and drug discovery
  When cancer that appeared in its primary lesion metastasizes, it mainly circulates in the blood to reach other regions, but if it were possible to accurately discover, recover, and analyze the malignant tumor cells circulating in the blood (Circulating tumor cells (CTC)), cancer could be diagnosed simply by performing a blood test, so this approach is attracting attention as a next generation cancer diagnosis technology with a light physical burden. The aim of this theme is to develop the world’s first On-chip CTC Detection and Diagnosis System, which will discover and recover CTC in minute quantities of blood in a micro-channel formed on a name-card size chip and apply super high-speed gene amplification technology to specify the type of cancer.

ThemeⅡ Development of high speed screening equipment for drug discovery using membrane proteins
  Membrane proteins exist in cell membranes where they play the important roles of transporting substances into and out of the cells and transmitting signals, and it is said that more than half of drug discovery is targeting membrane proteins. At the early stage of drug discovery aimed at membrane proteins, evaluation based on cultured cells is normally done, but using this method, the work is complex and it is difficult to efficiently perform highly precise evaluations. In order to develop drug discoveries more efficiently and more inexpensively, a high through-put drug evaluation method must be found to replace the cultured cell based evaluation method. The aim of this theme is to apply the membrane protein analysis use chip that has been developed skillfully applying micromachining technology and artificial lipid membrane formation technology, and its integration technology to develop a high speed, highly sensitive membrane protein analysis technology for use as a tool to support drug discovery.

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