Functionality and safety evalution systems

Theme 3 Development of advanced evaluation method for selection and development of foods based on scientific grounds
  In the aging society, the health-oriented product market place is expanding and in particular, functional foods are attracting great interest. But the effects of consuming food depend on the complex action of many ingredients and take a long time to appear, so that there are difficult aspects to evaluating functionality. This theme evaluates functional foods based on nutrigenomics, which is comprehensively analyzing change of mRNA which is the first response to ingesting food. And in addition to analysis of quantity of mRNA, new methods such as metabolite quantity and epigenome etc. will be combined to establish more scientific and more reliable evaluation methods to support the development of functional foods etc. by private enterprises.
  And as part of food safety evaluation, the Bhas42 cellular transformation test method, which can evaluate the carcinogenesis promotion activity of chemicals such as food additives will be used to evaluate the promotion activity of food additives and other chemicals and their metabolites etc. to predict carcinogenicity.

Theme 4 Establishment of an intestinal immunity evaluation method to improve the outcome of life-style related diseases
  About 60% of all of a person’s immunocytes are concentrated in the intestinal tract, constantly bearing the immune environment of the intestines. It is known that a particularly important role in this process is played by Peyer’s patches, as lymphocytes transported from them adjust the immune environment of various tissues, contributing to maintaining the homeostatis of the entire body. It can be presumed, therefore, that if foods or food ingredients that can adjust the immunization functions of Peyer’s patches were discovered, it would be possible to develop a method of maintaining constantly healthy systems. The theme is the search for high functioning food fiber ingredients that act to control Peyer’s patch immunization functions with the aim being the development of useful functional foods etc. that will improve immunopathies and reverse immunological decline.

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